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Star Hopping

Oct 27, 2017No Comments

Title: Star Hopping Author: Austin J. Schuster Summary: Mikhael Voight was someone with a seemingly growing inability to tell the truth. Now, living at the

MIner Curiosity

Oct 08, 2017No Comments

Title: Miner Curiosity  Author: JXPLOSION                                             

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The Seven Rules of a Martian Jailbreak

Oct 08, 20171 Comment

Title: Seven Rules of a Martian Jailbreak Author: Christina “DZA” Marie Summary: Robin Hood on Mars. For reasons. Word count: 4368 Copyright 2017  CHRISTINA_DZA_MARIE    

Destroying Babel

Oct 03, 2017No Comments

Title: Destroying Babel Author  NDUKADIKE Copyright 2017 NDUKADIKE Image: Can Stock Photo / grandfailure Seshat Project site, Southern Bioko, 2115 Egwu sat and looked out his window and

Sherman the Pro-Druggy goes Analog

Sep 29, 2017No Comments

Title: Sherman the Pro-Druggy goes Analog Author: CAT–AGEDDON Word count:  4030 Copyright 2017 CAT–AGEDDON Image: Can Stock Photo / grandfailure   Sherman had heard about going analog