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Science Fiction and Fantasy Sub-Genres

Find your niche

Sci-fi readers and writers from every niche have a place on YSCI-FI.  We searched the internet for a comprehensive list of science fiction and fantasy sub-genres to ensure nobody gets missed out.The Worlds without end website has such a list and contains a concise description of each sub-genre. The sheer amount and imaginative quality of these Sub-Genres are mindblowing.

See info on all  fantasy and science fiction sub-genres

When you publish your work on YSCI-FI, select a sub-genre that’s the best fit for your work. Readers can then filter stories by sub-genre. Click the link below to be taken to the sub-genre info on the Worlds Without End website

Use these lists for inspiration and ideas of what to write about next. Pick a sub-genre that excites you and write some flash fiction ( 1000 words max ). The more you write the better you’ll get. Publish all your work here and get rated by your readers, get valuable feedback and build a fan base. Write some flash fiction every day until you’ve covered every sub-genre. That’s 76 short stories in 76 days. Imagine how much you’ll learn and grow as a writer if you did this.

Publish your stories on YSCI-FI. Get it done” – Francis Mcgee – YSCI-FI Creator