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One Last Problem

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World has changed from a long time. But this was a necessary situation-after three world wars and several civil ones, it is no wonder the whole world has changed. Drastic. It all began with the proposition of Divided States of America-they want all countries to detonate all military machines and to give the control over their main cities…… Then, it was considered D.S.A. was the danger to all but everybody were blind.

. . .

-Captain, are you sure? I mean you are hurrying up too much!-the words were said by a 40-year old man, bald and with spots on his skin. He was dressed in a grey plastic doctor overall.

-Damn it, doc! I think I am the captain here and I think I can take the risk…If you continue to delay me….

-Captain Baxton, the gates of the hangar are open….You have five minutes for flight!-approached the soldier to the captain and the doctor and saluted them.

-Thanks, soldier.

Then the captain went to his craft-an old clunker , model FS-606, but in fact it was the most modified machine in the hangar. The time and weather have said their word and the once red colour of the craft was now a shade of grey.

In the vehicle, on the soft seat behind the wheel, there was another soldier comfortably seated. He was shaved in the head and a bar-code can be seen on his neck. The man was a cyborg. The bar-code was ”crossed out” from three or four scars. Probably the cyborg tried to hide it.

-Hello, captain!-said the soldier in disguise-If you don’t remember my name is Zagg and I’ll be your driver in this mission.

-Yes, yes, I remember you!-replied the captain and told him to go. The captain felt anger a bit.

-Sorry, captain, but not yet!-said Zagg who also felt anger because he wanted to be polite and now contradicted the captain.

-They have to attach the machine-gun to its place. Did you forget it was given to be repaired?

-No! My bad but today I woke up from the wrong side of the bed, you know. Nothing personal on you, Zagg!-apologized the captain and already felt sorry for his explanation to a machine….man…

After a couple of minutes of diligently rumbling on the ”head” of the craft, everything was ready.

-Here 505, we are ready for take off!-started the engine the cyborg with a light smile

-Shut up!….

-Engine ready, Fuel to the maximum, all sensors are working…..Aaaaaa….

The captain didn’t wait but placed his fist on the START button. Within seconds the machine developed speed of 200 miles per hour and with deafening noise the craft begins to chop through the desert.

. . .

Captain Baxton wanted to high five Zagg after the completion of their mission for today, and when the cyborg had the chance to touch the captain’s hand for seconds, Zagg grabbed it and refused to let it go. The machine-gun was unloaded. The cyborg already had a plan, even before taking off from the hangar. Inside the craft, in a carton box the cyborg was keeping a small collection of radioactive spiders. He secretly took one of them and when patted the captain for the good work today, a radioactive spider started crawling on the back of Mr. Baxton and soon it reached his neck.

-What’s tickling me, Lord?-said out loud the captain.

-Soon you won’t feel anything!-grinned the cyborg and looked grimly Baxton.

The eight-legged radioactive creature bit the man and the captain tilted his head dead immediately. The machine-man kicked the small door of the craft and pushed the captain with full force. Mr. Baxton had no choice but to fall down from a great hight. Now, the only human being on Earth remained was the doctor. He was the last to be eliminated and after that the new era of the cyborgs can start. The army of cyborgs,led by Zagg was on the mission to unite America again, this time until forever. In order to rule over everyone and everything in the galaxy.

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