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Formatting guide

Using the WordPress Visual editor

This website is built on the WordPress content management system so when you submit a story you’re basically cutting and pasting it from whichever word processing program you use into the WordPress visual editor.   Once inside the WordPress editor, most of your formatting will have been picked up but please go through the story when it’s in the editor and modify the formatting were necessary before submitting it.

To minimize the need for a lot of reformatting after you’ve pasted your story into the WordPress editor,  please first pre-format your work as described below.

Standard Header

Please put the following standard header info at the top right side of your story ( Title, Author, 140 character summary, Word Count, Copyright notice and any Image copyright notice you need to display if you’ve uploaded a featured image for your story before you’ve submitted it.) see example below:

Title: Rogues in the House
Author: Robert E. Howard
Summary: Conan doing what he does best
Word count: 9,740
Public Domain Mark (PDM)

IMAGE: ©2017 morisg

Pre-formatting guide

  • Font size 11
  • Font family Arial  /  Times new roman
  • Full line break between paragraphs
  • Put dialogue in a new paragraph and change paragraph when the speaker changes.
  • Indicate a change in viewpoint with ### centered on a line
  • Chapter titles in uppercase bold text, center align

Please download the YSCI-FI formatting example in a Microsoft Word version or view and download a PDF of the same example here.

After pasting your work into the editor

Most of the formatting should have carried through but please scroll through your work and check, there may be extra line breaks in places and you might have to center align chapter titles and the triple hash signs that indicate a change in view point.

Once you’re happy with how your work looks in the editor, then submit it for the world to read.  If you’ve followed this guide your story will look like this example when it’s submitted.

Get It right first time

*** please note once your story is submitted you can’t go back in and edit it so get the formatting right first time ** *