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Cyberpunk Vagabond

15th December 2017

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Title: Cyberpunk Vagabond
Author: Issac Belmont
Summary: Monoatomic gold, high tech battle armour and the Annunarki
Word count:  1000
copyright 2017 Issac Belmont

Art: Vincent Lefevre


Tobias held a eucalyptus soaked handkerchief over his mouth and nose trying to breathe as shallow as possible. The remains of the corpse laid strewn in the far corner of a filthy back alley, had just started to rot. He was doing his best not to vomit. He took a step back to speak to the uniform taking notes beside him.

“What do we know sergeant,” said Tobias to the uniform after noticing his stripes. He worked with the man before but could not remember his name.

“Its Jones sir” replied the sergeant, “we got a call a few hours ago from a couple that lives on the block. They heard gunfire and screams on the roof and then saw someone throwing what was left of this guy off the roof”.

“Looks like his flesh has been eaten,” said Tobias, now crouched down over the body to get a better look”.

“Forensics have done a preliminary examination on site and report that he been eaten by rats.”

“Rats! That’s what I was afraid of. We had a string of bodies show up like this about five years back. Then it stopped and the trail went cold”.

“You think this is related”.

“I don’t believe in chance or coincidence Sergeant, keep me posted I’m going to take a look at the roof. Find me some more witness.”


Tobias left the scene. He headed back to his transport, syncing up his neural implant while with the with the precinct’s main database, while he walked. He began running searched for the files he wanted, constantly filtering and sub filtering with words spoken internally on impulse.

Keyword: Cyberpunk Vagabond — Rats
Location: Monotown
Dates 2345AD-2346AD
Crime: Homicide
Lead detective: Tobias Jaenke
Status: Dormant – Unsolved
Linked cases: Monoatomic gold heist – Jess brothers

Finally, he had a message in his left eyes heads-up display that read “20 files found, do you wish to download to your internal hard drive”.

Final filter – Keyword: Annunaki.

“Five files found”.



Monotown had started out as a terraforming colony on Alklha VI, a planet in a neighboring galaxy to the Milky Way that the New Global Federation had first found by chance 25 years ago. It was a Goldilocks planet, well almost and the only that had been found by the Federation since they started the strategic exploration of the Galaxy. A little terraforming was all that was needed and 20 years after Alklha VI was found the first terraforming colony was established and the atmosphere of the planet began been processed. All was well until terraformers found an abundance of monatomic gold and that’s when things went pear-shaped. The terraforming continued but became secondary to mining the monoatomic gold. The mining town, now known as Monotown was born, and its population exploded overnight, as did the crime rate.

Tobias had been in Monotown since the start, he was ex-military and had the hardware required for the job. Monotown attracted the worse type of people and the most visually horrific crime he’d ever witnessed. He had programmes that cleared out unwanted memories and monitored his nervous system, kept him level the cybernetic benefits of been an old soldier. Nothing really affected him, but the rat chewed bodies freaked him out. These were files he had hoped never to review again.

He reached his transport, popped the trunk and removing a large assault rifle that he slung over his shoulder. Today wasn’t the day to leave anything to chance.


On the roof, he approached the edge where he figured the body had been kicked or thrown over. The smell was horrific, blood and rat shit was everywhere. He took a micro test tube and some tweezers out of his pocket, he needed a sample.

The sun was going down and Monotown’s nuclear floodlights were coming on everywhere along with the familiar light pollution that came with it.

To his left, he noticed movement in his peripheral vision on the adjacent rooftop. He laid down flat, quick and stealthy, engaging his eye scope and camera.

Something was moving fast across the rooftop, he could only make out a silhouette. He pulled the rifle off his shoulder, its sight had a more powerful zoom, night vision, and a better camera. He quickly found the moving silhouette again and tracked it to the far corner of the building. There it slowed and walked into full view under the glow of the floodlights.

It was big, wearing some kind of metal suit. It jumped up and knelt down on the parapet, now beneath the brightest spot of the floodlight. Tobias adjusted his rifle scope. Now he had a perfect shot

The mystery silhouette now in plain sight had a curved bloody knife in one hand and rat held on his other, held close to his face, as though he was communicating with it. Hundreds of other rats scurried around him, some looked to fitted with cybernetic implants of sorts.

Tobias recognized the suite. It was a military issue full exoskeleton, third generation, top of the line military armory, that enhanced strength x 10 or higher. Tobias had worn one during his time in the forces on specialist missions. There were given to elite soldiers, some were even supposed to have been fitted with technology to control animals in hostile environments.

An alert flesh in his left eye’s heads up. All the files he had downloaded were now processed and back in his immediate memory storage. This guy was the Cyberpunk Vagabond. Suspected of hundreds of murders years ago, linked to Case upon Case of unsolved crimes and rumours about monatomic gold and aliens. No one had actually seen or had him on film until now.

Tobias held his gaze down the scope of the rifle, from current position he should be invisible, there were no lights on him. But why had the Vagabond moved into the light? The vagabond knew Tobias was watching, he was posing for the shot.

“Upload scope footage to headquarters and re-open files 1-5”.

The upload was complete in nanoseconds and by that time the Cyberpunk Vagabond had disappeared.


To be continued in the Monotown Chronicles

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