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 “When the universe is at war, which side are you on?” As 3 galactic superpowers fight, as ancient beings watch and mysterious figures emerge from

Top 50 action movies for Christmas day

Top 50 action movies for Christmas day

Oct 30, 2017No Comments

A collection of awesome movies from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme and Brue Willis.          

Hell Comes to frog town

Oct 30, 2017No Comments

My Review Another roddy piper classic , with the sexy Sandahl Bergman to boot. They don’t make movies like this anymore. It’s a classic. This movie doesn’t waste any time

They Live

Oct 25, 20174 Comments

My thoughts I’ve recently started using twitter and while wading around I saw an image for the DVD cover to they live. This brought back

Blade runner 2049 movie review

Oct 08, 2017No Comments

Blade runner 2049 movie review

Hottest women in Sci-fi : Inara Serra

Sep 06, 2017No Comments

Inara     Personality I’ve already done River Tam from the TV show Firefly, now it’s time for Inara. You’ve met the Basket case now meet

Hottest women in Sci-fi : Lisa from Weird S...

Aug 30, 2017No Comments

Lisa   I had that much fun rating  7 of the hottest women in Sci-fi for you a few weeks back that I’ve decided to

Hottest women in Sci-fi : River Tam

Aug 06, 2017No Comments

River Tam   My final selection of the week for my hottest women of Sci-Fi is River Tam from the TV show Firefly and the

Hottest women in Sci-fi: Rita Vrataski

Aug 05, 2017No Comments

Rita Vrataski Edge of tomorrow’s leading Lady, Rita Vrataski, played by  Emily blunt. Rita’s hard core, she’s crusader; a battle veteran and a poster girl for the

Hottest women in Sci-fi: Jaylah from Star T...

Aug 04, 2017No Comments

Jaylah Having recently watched Star Trek Beyond,  I was really impressed with the character Jaylah.  I figure if your gonna rate some of the hottest women in