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Beer Powered

Kyran had been looking forward to their camping trip all month. Every year since his friend Fritz’s mom had remarried and his new step-dad told them all they could use the lake house they had found time to come out for a weekend. Kyran, Fritz, Dominique, and Bruce had all been friends since high school, and they didn’t let a silly thing like all going to colleges in different states get in their way.  

As Kyran pulled up to the house, his mind wandered back to all the memories that were made here. Hours that they spent playing video games, wandering around the lake, and making a lot of really dumb decisions. Flashes of the day when they decided to try jumping off the second story banister because they thought they could do Parkour, a plan that ended quickly when Bryan jumped off and broke his leg.

“Kyran, why are you always running late?” Fritz called out, pulling up behind him in the driveway. “We were all supposed to meet here 20 minutes ago!”

“That’s rich coming from you,” Kyran laughed “you’re just as late as I am.”

The two boys quickly headed inside to meet up with the rest of the group who, based on the cars in the driveway, had clearly made it on time. The first thing Kyran noticed as they stepped into the living room was the large bag of fireworks laying next to Dominique’s bag.

“You really think fireworks are a good idea after last time? You still have the scar from where I set your shirt on fire with that Roman Candle.”

“Well, as long as you don’t start setting them off after drinking we should be fine!” Dominique said indignantly.

“I don’t think you get to be upset about him setting off fireworks while drunk when your the one who told him to do it,” Brian pointed out. As usual when Brian tried to use logic against Dominique he quickly received the stink eye.

“Well obviously that is irrelevant, I told him to shoot them off not shoot them at me.”

“Come on guys, at least let me put my bags down before you start the blood shed” Fritz stated with mock exasperation.

“That doesn’t start until Ky tries to get us all to jump off the balcony and break our legs again,” Brian threw out jovially.

“In my defense, only you broke your leg,” Kyran said lamely.

“That’s ‘cuz the rest of you were too chicken to try after that.”

Once they were all settled in and made their way back to the living room Dominique pulled out a small keg that he had hidden away until then, determined to make it a nice surprise for the first night.

“My new roommate and I cooked this up,” he explained. “He is taking a bunch of science classes and wanted a practical application. I wanted beer.” He laughed as he tapped the keg and began pouring the drink and passing it out. “It’s a little different from most beer, but I think it will be a pleasant surprise. “ he said with a wink.

“To the cabin trip!” Brian exclaimed.

“To the cabin trip” they all shouted back, downing the first glass and passing the cups back for refills.

Kyran woke up the next morning before everyone else and quickly got dressed.He walked into the kitchen and began making coffee. The smell woke the others, and Brian stumbled into the room.

“Oh thank God.” He said looking at the already brewing coffee.

“That bad?” Kyran asked.

“Worse” said Bryan, who had drawn the short straw and slept on the couch.

“How are we all feeling this morning?” Dominique said with a conspiratorial grin as he wandered into the room.

Before anyone could answer Fritz came in and immediately began looking for a coffee mug.

“Crap,” he muttered to himself “I must have left them in the car. I’ll be right back.”

At those words, Fritz turned to the door and vanished in a blur and the sound of a door shattering. All heads turned as Fritz cautiously came back, a small box tucked under his arm and confusion painted clearly across his face.

“What the hell was that?” Brian asked, shocked awake by this new development.

“You remember me saying that the beer we made was different from most. It had an extra ingredient that my roommate was pretty sure would give powers to anyone who drank it.” Dominique put in, refusing to blink as all eyes turned to him, glaring.

“So, what I’m hearing here is you used an untested formula on your best friends without telling us?” Fritz said angrily.

“I mean, I took it too so what’s the problem?”

At this Brian jumped towards his friend, looking to shake some sense into him, but was distracted by the fact that he didn’t land. Instead he stopped, floating near the ceiling.

“That’s exactly what I mean, awesome!” Dominique declared with excitement, throwing out his hands to point at Brian’s gravity-defying form. Unfortunately, this motion sent out a sharp icicle. The four boys stared, seemingly in slow-motion, as the projectile lodged in Brian’s stomach.

Brian immediately fell from the ceiling, crashing onto the table. All three boys dashed forward, the blur that was Fritz getting there first despite being clear across the room. Before anyone could stop him Fritz removed the icicle, causing the blood that was being damned by the ice to flow freely across the table. Kyran quickly pressed his hands to the wound and began shouting for someone to get an ambulance.

Dominique started to reach for his phone, but froze with his eyes locked onto Brian. Where Kyran’s hands had touched, the skin began to glow softly and stitch back together. As the wound closed the color that had drained from Brian’s face due to blood loss began to return.

“Well,” Brian said softly, slowly opening his eyes, “I guess we have superpowers. What now?”

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